Apple versus Android, a battle of giants. They’re so important, you’re looking at one right now. So, which one is better, you ask?


Well, the iPhone 1 came out in 2007 and was the first (modern) smartphone ever created. As of 2020, there are now over 2 million iPhone apps.

Android, on the other hand, isn’t actually a company but is an open-source operating system owned by Google. The first smartphone to ever use Android was the HTC Dream in 2008. 


Over 1,300 companies now sell Android devices. Compare this to the fact that Apple is the only company that uses iOS, and you can start to see why Apple is so enormous.

At the end of 2019, Apple was tied with Samsung, each company owning 18% of the international smartphone industry.

Android users talk smack on iPhone users for having short battery life and lack of customizability, whereas iPhone users talk smack on Android users for being less user-friendly and unnecessarily complex.

So what team are you? Blue text or green text?