We used this strategy to help one of our clients build an email list with no advertising budget. It works, and it builds personalized relationships with every single person in your list.


If you offer something that can be delivered via email, you have leverage to ask for an email if someone is interested. It’s all about delivering value to people. They already gave out their email 100x to other people, companies, causes, etc, but that also means they may not see whatever you send them unless you continue to provide value.

4 Steps

  1. Create something downloadable
    1. If you’re a music producer, you might put together a free beat pack
    2. If you’re an author, you might offer a free e-book
    3. If you’re an expert, you might offer an informational packet
  2. Create an email list on
  3. Look up potential customer accounts using hashtags relevant to them
    1. If I’m selling art, I might look up #artcollector
  4. Strike up a conversation, and pitch your downloadable offer, and ask for an email to send it to if the other person is interested

Congratulations, you have now laid the foundation and begun building your email list.


If nobody is taking the bait, your offer isn’t providing value to your potential customer. Try switching your offer up. This will help more than just your email list; it will give you a deeper insight into what your target audience wants from you.