We did this on Spotify and are pretty certain it would work with an Apple Music playlist as well. It’s not the quickest or most profitable thing in the world, but you can certainly make enough to live after working at it for maybe 6 months or so.


There are millions of artists out there across all genres. Most of them are dying for attention and don’t know how to get it. That’s the problem, and a playlist is one solution for people like this. 

6 Steps

  1. Create the Spotify playlist
  2. Create a custom cover image or get a stock photo from or
  3. Create an Instagram account dedicated to your playlist
  4. Look up small artist accounts using hashtags like #hiphopartist, #singersongwriter, or whatever hashtags might be relevant to your artists
    1. Be sure to look under recent posts, not top posts
  5. Message these accounts, and offer to put them on your playlist in exchange for following the playlist and shouting it out on their stories.
  6. After you’ve reached 100 followers using this method, you can also ask for $5.

Congratulations, you have now monetized your playlist.


When you get big enough, maybe 1000 followers (you decide), you can cut your playlist size down to 10-20 songs. Now your playlist has exclusivity and is worth more.

Money Math

If you have 20 people paying $20 for a one-week placement on your playlist, that means you have 80 artists / month paying you $20, which equals $1,600 / month or almost $20,000 per year!

Not a bad side hustle, and that’s only if you stay at a $20 price point.